What is Coaching?

Simply put it is business growth and mentorship program.  We together establish goals for the business and owner and set up accountability milestones. As a Business Coach I apply a complete ActionCOACH  system to guide business owners so that they can learn new skills and get results better and faster than they might otherwise.

ActionCOACH is the World’s Number 1 Coaching firm.  So someone working with me gets the benefit of a great system, a community of like minded individuals, and my business experience.

What's the Cost?

This depends upon which program is best fit and how fast you want to get results.  Programs can start with an investment as low as $500/Month for group coaching or of course the Gold standard of course is 1 to 1 Coaching which can range from 1500/ month to 2000/ month or more depending or the size of the business and how fast results are desired. 

There are also stand alone programs Mangement Training, Sales Training, ActionCLUB which are 12 hours of training spread over 12 weeks in a group setting for $1200 per person.  There are many others call or visit my website for more information   

What's Involved?

First step should be let’s get to know each other with a brief 15 minute call.  If it seems the opportunities to improve results are there then we can schedule a deep dive with a Complimentary Coaching Session.  Still no cost or obligation.  If I can see ways to get the needed results and you can see yourself working with me then we pick the right program and get started.

Can I get a Return on my Investment?

The best part of the ActionCOACH system is the goal that we help clients to build “A commercial profitable business that works without them”.   My fee is a monthy retainer but you keep all the improved results of your business.  That path will require that you work in a new way.  But we will have agreed performance goals.  My guarantee is that if you follow through and do what is required you will get results.  If not after 17 weeks I will continue to coach you for no fee. 

What if it's not for me?

My clients sign an agreement that defines the program selected and the cost.  It also includes mutual options to end the agreement with 30 days notice.   Some clients start with a plan to work for a specific amount of time to achieve certain goals.  Most see the benefit of a continuing coaching relationship and stay with it for years.  Options are yours  

Is it Online or In-Person?

Most of my coaching is done via Zoom or other platforms.   However I also have live workshops that I do to bring people together in a community.  For example we do a group live session called Growth Club.  This is a half day session where in a group business work on creating the best quarter ever.  We look back at what is working and what is not.  Ideas are shared and everyone leaves with a plan of top priorities.  This kind of focus is critical to moving a business forward.  

There are other examples including some free workshops:  6 Steps to a Better Business and 5 Ways to Increase Profits. Check out my Website for free videos and other resources: https://carlshoemaker.actioncoach.com/free-business-resources/